Our Campaign: "Count Me In"

In October 2005 Kash Singh met with David Cameron in Leeds and had the opportunity to outline the vision of One Britain One Nation OBON. The Prime Minister was overwhelmed and very passionately offered his full support by saying the words “Count Me In.” It was these words that inspired Kash Singh to take this noble cause that he felt was so desperately needed to every corner of our nation, so that no one person is left out.


The words "Count Me In" foster a culture of respect and belonging, embraces inclusivity, and essentially values all people.

This campaign constitutes a call to action, which will reach into the heart of communities across Britain and create a sense of national unity and pride. Its essence is that of strengthening national identity and forging a sense of togetherness. It will create a sense of belonging regardless of a citizen’s background, faith or gender. It will also enable the patriotic people of Britain to re-appropriate the flag of our country and once again fly it, or wave it, with pride. All will have an opportunity to share in British values, take pride in the country’s successes and, above all, play their part and feel valued by their country.

It is about contribution, participation, communication and integration. In this way, it will create an extraordinary feel-good factor and sense of buoyancy in every community.

This campaign will create a legacy for the outburst of national pride, which was evident during the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee. It will create initiatives that allow that feeling to surface again and be strengthened. This will not only bring the people of Britain together, but also help Britain’s image in the rest of the world ride high once more, cascading benefits throughout the economy.

Every man, woman and child will have the opportunity to be part of this campaign and a younger generation will be inspired to love their nation and embrace their nationality. Nobody will be afraid to stand up and say that they are proud to be British.

We already have a huge weight of evidence to show that One Britain One Nation OBON has united communities like never before. Now, we wish to do this on a national scale, mobilising enthusiastic and committed partners and proving that Britain is a country of passionate people and passionate, united races.

In short, we aim to put the united back into United Kingdom and the Great back into Great Britain.

OBON’s National Campaign to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday In June 2016 - One Britain One Nation OBON – Count Me In!

One Britain One Nation OBON wants to create a celebration for Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday in the month of June as an event which is inclusive of all and truly binds the people our nation together to create sense of national unity and pride, where everyone feels a strong and shared sense of belonging to our nation.

OBON wants to create a spirit of togetherness which will demonstrate a symbol of a united, inclusive country which will represent a magnificent force for a positive change that will capture the imagination of the nation. These celebrations will see the people of our nation standing together in solidarity, inspiring each other as one people whilst showcasing their love, pride and passion for this great nation and leave a mark of our international standing as a tolerant, welcoming, vibrant and exciting nation.

Stand up and be counted and help us translate this vision into reality for the future of our children.

Our Pledge to the Nation

At 11am on Friday 10th of June 2016

  • Sing the first verse of the National Anthem;
  • Say three cheers to Her Majesty;
  • Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Her Majesty;

Have fun waving the hand-held flags supplied by OBON which can be ordered from the below link.

Please read the attached document for full details on our campaign and discover how not to miss out on the opportunity to be involved.

Order your OBON Flag and Hand Held Flags here.


20 ways to get involved on June 10th.

  • Tweet us @1Britain1Nation as soon as you sign up for our Pledge and use the hashtag #countmein in all tweets about your activity (please also spread the word!)
  • Organise a street party and invite everyone to attend – or lay on an early One Britain One Nation Breakfast, before everyone heads off to work.
  • Fly an OBON Union Jack and send out a visual message of pride in our country and its values.
  • Dress in red, white and blue that day, or let your pupils dress in these colours.
  • Decorate your house, shop or office in red, white and blue.
  • Bake red, white and blue cakes and maybe sell them for charity, or donate them to an organisation like the Salvation Army, or your local soup kitchen.
  • Light up a public building in red, white and blue.
  • Say ‘hello’ to people you see, but have never spoken to before.
  • Put a message out on your supermarket tannoy at 10.45 and ask customers to gather for a joint singing of the anthem at 11am.
  • Write to your council to ask them what they intend to do on June 10.
  • Hoist an OBON flag – or several – up a flagpole.
  • Take on an extraordinary challenge, to place an OBON flag somewhere.
  • Organise a face-painter who will give children an OBON flag on their cheek.
  • Sign our ‘Count Me In’ charter, if you agree with our principles of unity and inclusion.
  • Create a school project that focuses on the different cultures of children in your class.
  • Write a poem that draws inspiration from our aims.
  • Make a video of you, your class, or your community singing the national anthem ahead of June 10 and send it to us for our YouTube channel.
  • Ask your son or daughter to create a piece of artwork that shows people from all backgrounds joining hands.
  • Tweet your pictures of the day to @1Britain1Nation using the hashtag #countmein

Whatever you do, please let us know about it @1britain1nation or by emailing info@onebritainonenation.com so we can give you the recognition you deserve.

Want to be inspired? Take a look at our YouTube videos. Could your video join these?

Dixons Music Primary, Bradford / Christ Church Primary Academy, Shipley / St Matthews CE Primary, Bradford / St Francis Catholic Primary, Bradford